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2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Price and Release Date

Going out with a bang: 2018 Grand Cherokee last of a generation, but Hellcat means not going away quietly

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee could be the fastest SUV on the planet with the addition of a choppy super-V-8. With the new Grand Cherokee to be launched in 2019, the 700-horsepower monster will be a Jeep present that will go to this highly successful mid-sized crossover generation. 6.2-liter V-8 is already under the hood of the parent company of the parent company Fiat Chrysler Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and SRT Heroer Challenger coupe. On the model, it produces 707 horsepower power and 650 pound-feet of torque. That would be 232 more horses than the 6.4 liter V-8 naturally aspirated on the 2017 Grand Cherokee SRT hot-rod model. Only Jeep knows how much power the Grand Cherokee supercharged, or whether it would call it Trackhawk, Hellcat, or something else at all. What’s more certain is that it will make headlines if there is not a small change when Grand Cherokee leads the 2019 model birthday draft.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Price

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Price

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Styling

In addition to possibly a new wheel design and some new colors added to the exterior paint palette, do not expect the overall Grand Cherokee look to change. That means it should continue with the seven-slot Jeep trademark in front and a bodywork that combines elements of strength and boon that hint at the overall flexibility of the vehicle. The interiors should be styled, with sweeping dashboards, large and legible gauges, touchscreen displays for navigation and infotainment systems, and analog controls familiar to the climate system.

In addition to the new Hellcat-powered entrants, the 2018 Grand Cherokee canal line should consist of a return entry-level Laredo model, higher Limited volume, Trailhawk off-road, Overland and posher versions of luxury, and high-performance SRT. .

The peak should be continued with updated fascia and front grill, LED fog lights, and chrome wheels as they are received for 2017, along with upgraded interiors that include leather lagoon seats with welting edges. Trailhawk is likely to repeat with wheels and specific exterior touches, along with interior piano black trims and guns, and leather and suede that are speci fi c with red stitching. The SRT again stands out with a black screen grille, a special bi-xenon headlamp with signature LEDs, inverted suspension, 20-inch (not aluminum cast), special dashboard instrumentation and unique front seat. We expect a similar distinguishing touch for the “Trackhawk” SRT version.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Price

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Price

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Powertrain

Nothing important – apart from the addition of SRT Hellcat-powered model. The base engine for all except SRT and “Hellcat” will continue to be a 3.6 liter V-6, possibly again rated 295 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Expect the Limited, Trailhawk, Overland, and Summit to be available again with a 5.7 liter Hemi V-8, possibly longer with 360 horsepower and 390 pound-feet (and a maximum of 7,400 pounds if properly equipped). The same model should also be available with a turbocharged V6 3.0-liter diesel with 240 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque for robust release and a 7,400 pound trailing capability equal to the 5.7 liter V8.

Grand Cherokee SRT once again had to put 475 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque onto the sidewalk through a 6.4-liter V-8; Jeep gives a 0-60-mph claim of just 4.8 seconds. A powerful Hellcat-powered Cherokee 38 can have about 700 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. Both SRT models should include selected drive modes for a variety of situations, including driving paths and also valet modes that limit performance as you steer the car into a parking valet or a younger family member.
The V-6 model, except for Trailhawk, re-emerged standard with a rear wheel drive and is available with a four-wheel four-wheel system (4WD). Traihawks and all V-8 models will have 4WD.

The Quadra-Trac I 4WD system, which is expected to remain available with a V-6 engine, works more like an all-wheel drive (AWD) for additional attraction over wet or snowy roads. Possibility to remain optional with gasoline and diesel V-6, and the standard that comes with the 5.7-liter V-8 is Jeep’s Quadra-Trac II; It is a full-time 4WD system that includes low gearing for off-road. Again it is expected to be optional with the V8-5.7-liter and the diesel will be a Quadra-Drive II system with a limited rear-end limited electronic slip that is included to amplify off-pavement capabilities of the vehicle, along with Jeep’s Quadra-Lift air suspension, customized to enhance ground clearance up to 10.8 inches, from the standard 8.6 inches (and lowered the vehicle when parked for easy access).

The Quadra-Trac II and Quadra-Drive II systems come with a Jeep Select-Terrain control system that allows the driver to choose a calibrated powertrain arrangement for maximum attraction in snow, sand and mud, or rock, along with a sport setting that generates a response a notch vehicle.
SRT will boast a specific AWD system designed to maximize road handling.

All Grand Cherokees are again coming with a 8-speed automatic transmission that includes a steering wheel rear steering shifter for semi-manual operation, although it might be a Hellcat-powered SRT that may be equipped with six-speed automatic to handle better added grunt.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Price

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Price

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Fuel Economy

Doubtful, as we do not expect a major powertrain adjustment, except for the possibility of adding a 6.2 liter H-V-8 vessel to the Hellcat.
That means the Grand Cherokee 2018 should be rated EPA on 19 / 26/21 mpg city / highway / combined for V-6 with rear-wheel drive and 18/25/21 with AWD or 4WD. Combo with 5.7 liter V-8-and-4WD size 14/22/17 mpg and diesel rate 22/30/25 mpg with rear-drive and 21/28/24 with 4WD. The SRT number is 13/19/15 mpg and is the only gas model that Jeep requires 91-octane premium fuel instead of 87 octane. Based on the 201 Dodge Dodge Charger ranking, expect the “Trackhawk” bearing the Hellcat to rate as low as 11/16/13 mpg.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Features

Do not look for many changes, other than that it might be some juggling feature between trim levels and / or select groups. The list of available facilities should remain impressive and allow the Grand Cherokee to offer the luxury level of luxury SUV buyers for these days, along with outstanding capabilities and superb sea levels. All versions must be re-present with a Uconnect infotainment system that operates very simply with an 8.4 inch screen and Siri Eyes Free interface for iPhone; on the SRT model it should again be used to show the various timers performance and gauge readings. With leather upholstery expected to return to standard in all versions, but the Laredo base, the upscale option should once again include front and rear heated seats, cooled front seats, and ambient lighting. Overland and Summit models should include a wood-trimmed steering wheel and a dual-pane moonroof, with an optional rear-view Blu-ray DVD rear entertainment system (the latter also equipped with SRT).

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Price

On the safety front, Active Safety Group should return as standard at Summit and SRT, optionally in Limited, Trailhawk, and Overland, and not available in Laredo. These include autonomous emergency braking that can bring the Grand Cherokee to a halt to reduce frontal collisions. The ability is required to qualify for the industry’s most sought-after safety rating, Top Safety Pick + status from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The addition is not possible until the 2019 redesign. Active Safety Group also includes adaptive cruise controls to keep a set distance from forward traffic, blind spot monitoring, and departure lane warnings.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Price

We may see a modest price increase for the 2018 model year. Although the Grand Cherokee will probably continue to be among the five pricier non-luxury-brand SUV passengers on the market, this is the only model in its class that offers V-8 engines and SRT model performs higher.

That means we can estimate Laredo’s base with rear-drive to start at around $ 31,750, and $ 34,000 with 4WD (all prices listed here include manufacturer’s cost of costs, which for 2017 is $ 995). Limited should start at about $ 39,500, with rear drives and $ 41,500 with 4WD, with Trailhawk at around $ 45,500 with 4WD only. A fancy-minded person, Overland should start at a price of about $ 46,250 / $ 49,250 and the summit is around $ 52,000 / $ 58,000.

With a 5.7 liter V-8 and 4WD, expect 2018 Limited to start at around $ 44,750, Trailhawk at $ 48,000, Overland at $ 52,250, and Summit at $ 58,750. With V-6 turbodiesel, Limited should be priced starting at $ 44,000 with rear-wheel drive, and $ 45,850 with 4WD; Trailhawk from $ 49,500 with 4WD only; Overland respectively of $ 50,750 and $ 53,750; and summits of $ 56,250 and $ 59,850.
SRT “entry level” should start around $ 62,250, and we expect a faster TrackHawk / Hellcat / or equivalent price of as high as $ 83,000; both must be standard with 4WD.

The price option should also be carried for the most part. Using the Restricted model for example, expects to pay approximately $ 4,200 for the Luxury Group II option which should continue to include rainproof rainbow wipers, bi-xenon headlamps with daytime running LED lights, premium audio systems, power tilt / telescope steering columns , dual pane panoramic sunroof, and Uconnect 8.4 base infotainment system. Navigation again should add another $ 1,295 to cost. Active Security Group for around $ 1,495.

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