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2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Coupe Reviews and Prices

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Coupe Reviews and Prices

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Coupe Reviews and Prices

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Styling

No changes, apart from introduction of the AMG Studio Pack for the GLE43 Coupe. The $ 3,300 option includes the $ 650 Night Package from Black-out-trim and adds orange accents to the 21-inch AMG wheels and front bumper, plus orange pipe on the seat and carpet. Also new for the GLE43 Coupe and GLE63 and GLE 63 S carts are Ash wood grains or Popular wooden cabin trims at no additional cost.

Otherwise, the GLE350 and GLE550e carriages again emphasize modest sophistication in basic form but look more aggressive with the $ 2,900 AMG Line option, which includes AMG grille, wheels, and aero body addenda. The AMG GLE43 version of both body styles comes with AMG grille and larger front air intakes, while the GLE63 edition has a bolder fascia, plus red brake calipers.

The paint color selection is unchanged, with any color other than basic black or white again at an extra $ 720- $ 1550 charge. The exceptions are in the GLE63 model, where most colors are available at no additional cost and optional two colors cost $ 360 and $ 795. Available in a variety of styles and touches that include matte black, the size and design of the wheels are again a class-model differentiator. The GLE350 and GLE55e models come with a 19-inch alloy and are offered 20s as a $ 750 option. The GLE43 and GLE63 models come with standard 20-inch AMG wheels and offer high performance tires for $ 1,000 for $ 1,000. GLE63 S Coupe gives you choice of 21 or 22 at no additional cost.

Inside, all versions of GLE 2018 look and feel distinctly upscale even though their cabin design, with its sloping shape, is outdated compared to newer and more rounded Mercedes themes. Expect a more modern look with 2019 redesign, which can integrate central infotainment screens into dashbaord, as in the redesigned Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017 car. The GLE line currently attaches an 8-inch diameter infotainment screen like a tablet-like screen in the center of the instrument panel.

All versions of ’18 GLE come with a choice of original wood trim or aluminum trim. The GLE350 and GLE43 models have M-B Tex leather jacket coatings; Leather is available for $ 1,620, plus nappa leather for $ 2,990, depending on the model. Leather is standard on GLE550e. The nappa leather is included in the GLE63 and GLE63 S. Luxury designs, priced at $ 4,200 – $ 4,900, depending on the model, further enhanced with diamond-quilt nappa leather on the upholstery and doors, nappa leather on the dashboard, and a microsuede headliner.

This is a quiet and sturdy crossover that feels solid. Interior materials are sturdy and finished. All seats offer remote support. Massaging the optional multi-contour front bucket at $ 1,100. The GLE350 and GLE550e are available with AMG Line interior that includes sports-backed front seats and sport steering wheels; the fee is $ 350 on GLE350 and $ 1,000 on a leather-covered GLE550e.
Accept a little shoulder contact and the fifth passenger can fit in the back center position, but the more common scenario has four adults who ride the comfort of the field. The corrugated roof of the Coupe really gives the front space is bigger than the wagon. But the tilted rear roofline slashed the rear headroom nearly an inch, risking the scalp to brush up the rear seat higher, and the tapered door made it difficult to get in and out. The wagon blocker profile gave the average cargo volume better than the average class, at 38.2 cubic feet behind the 60/40 / folding rear seat and 80.3 with the back seat folded. In the Fastback Coupe, the volume shrank to 23 and 60.7 cubic feet. The elevator power is standard.

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Coupe Reviews and Prices

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Coupe Reviews and Prices

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Engine

The only change is the AMG GLE43 and AMG GLE43 Coupe frenzy. Their twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 is tweaked to 385 horsepower, making 23 gains, though the torque remains 384 pound-feet. Good for 0-60 mph in an impressive 5.6 seconds, this model uses the AMG designation, indicating a tuned tuned by Mercedes AMG performance team. They are a comprehensive hop-up, including a special suspension calibration and a 4Matic system with a rear bias drive that is more prevalent than in the GLE350 and GLE550e. GLE43 is the only GLE with nine speed automatic transmission instead of seven-speed automatic, and this is enhanced for faster and responsive moves.

But GLE43s are not eligible for full AMG status according to GLE63 and GLE63 S. The “senior” AMG model gets a further drivetrain upgrade highlighted by a 550 horsepower 550 hp twin-turbo V-8 handmade and 516 Push torque at GLE63 and 577 and 561, respectively, in GLE 63 S. Zero-60 on this model arrives in 4.2 seconds or less, placing them in league with PorscheCayenne Turbo 570-horsepower and 567-horse horses X5 M .

As interesting as the AMG vehicle, most GLE sales go to GLE350, with most buyers choosing 4Matic. The GLE350 comes back with a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V-6 with 302 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. Smoothness and willpower, 0-60 takes 7.5 seconds. This is a good basic machine for all but the most demanding drivers, though not as heavy as the V12 which has 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged GLE400, which has 329 horsepower, 354 pound-feet of torque, and 0 -60 in 6.0 seconds .

GLE550e 2018 continues to add twin-turbo 3.0 V-6 with an electric motor for 436 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. The device can run on battery power only about 10 miles in initial setup, after operating like a conventional hybrid, with sensors that optimize gas and power for best performance and energy and battery savings through regenerative braking and alignment. At some 5,460 pounds, the GLE55e is the heaviest GLE model but the acceleration is impressive, only 5.3 seconds 0-60. As with the GLE350 4Matic, the AWD system monitors the tire slip, maximizing attractiveness by continuing to send power to the wheels – or even one wheel – with the best grip.

Each GLE provides a remarkable blend between mounts and handling, with GLE350 and GLE550e emphasizing comfort and the AMG model speeds up road behavior at some sacrifices to address absorption, especially with 21 and 22 inch tires. The optional air suspension at $ 1,610 on the GLE350 and GLE550e models, tailored to road surface conditions and driving, decreases automatically at high speeds and the driver is adjusted for more ground clearance at lower speeds. The AMG version comes with customized air suspensions adjusted to their own looks. All but the GLE63 version is available with a highly effective Curve Curve System from Mercedes, a $ 2,910 option with an electrohydraulic stabilizer that tightens to reduce falling out of the body alternately or relax to protect the trip.

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Coupe Reviews and Prices

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Coupe Reviews and Prices

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Features

No note changes, although we are disappointed Mercedes is not moving to include the standard on the expected GLE350 and GLE550e tools at this price range. This includes blind-spot detection for GLE350 and automatic wiper-guiding steering and rearview cameras for both. This feature is standard on the AMG GLE model but is available on GLE350 and GLE550e mostly as part of an expensive option package.

On the up side, every ’18 GLE continues with standard forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking, which can slow down the crossover or even stop it to avoid frontal collisions with other vehicles. GLEs are equipped with all these systems – as standard or optional – and also with LED steering headlights available, must maintain the coveted Top Safety Pick + status of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Standard on all GLE 2018 models are heated front seats, push-button and remote start, rear-view camera, auto-dimming inside and outside mirrors, and power folding mirrors that project the Mercedes-Benz star logo onto the sidewalk as you open the sections front. door. Starting with GLE500e, standard features include blind spot detection and a system that warns if you accidentally wander off the traffic path but do not provide steering corrections.
Charging extra for desired features – critical and reckless – is the philosophy Mercedes shares with other German car manufacturers. Competitive brands from Japan, U.S., UK, and Sweden tend to include more safety equipment and luxury as the standard of most if not all of their model values ​​in this segment. In addition to the options discussed earlier in this review, Mercedes grouped key features into the flagship package for the GLE350, GLE550e, and GLE43 models.

Premium 1 package ($ 3,050, but standard on GLE63 model) adds lock and keyless keys and, to GLE350, blind spot and wander-marks. It also adds Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration, which is a standalone option priced at $ 350. The integration gives you access to display a cell-based map app on the dashboard screen. For real-time GPS guides where there is no cell signal, you need an integrated navigation system that is also part of the Premium 1 package.

Premium Package 2 costs $ 5,350 for GLE350, $ 2,120 for the GLE43 cart, and $ 2,000 for GLE55e; This is standard on the GLE63 model. This option includes all the features of Safety and Connectivity Premium Package 1, plus steering LED headlights and fast on-off automatic headlights. It also adds cooled and cooled front cup holders, rear seat back seats, front window back cover, and ambient interior lighting with illuminated door frames. Like Premium 1 Package, it includes satellite radio.

The most complete set of safety equipment sets and self-driving levels, Premium 3 Package reaches $ 8,230 for GLE 350, $ 5.010 for GLE43, $ 4,890 for GLE550e, and $ 2,890 for GLE63 and GLE63 S. It covers all packages 1 and 2 features, plus a Steering Pilot Mercedes system that directs GLE into any random sign requires you to touch the wheel only periodically. It was combined with an adaptive cruise control to keep a set distance from traffic forward, delivering autonomous driving sizes on highways and open roads.

The Premium 3 package also includes a system that can automatically perform evasion actions if you start to convert paths into invisible vehicle lanes, as well as autonomous braking to reduce potential impact with vehicles approaching from the front corner. A 360-degree surround-view camera and semi-autonomous semi-autonomous parking are part of the Premium 3 Package but are also combined as a $ 1,290 separate option.

Among the less secure safeguard options are the moonroof panorama ($ 1,000), front passenger seat with memory ($ 365), soft door close ($ 550), wooden and leather steering wheel ($ 600), heated and cooled. front seats ($ 570), heated rear seats ($ 580), and heat-heated steering wheel ($ 250). Audio upgrades include the Harman / Kardon system for $ 850 and the $ 5,800 Bang & Olufsen setup. Exclusive options for the GLE63 model include a $ 1,500 carbon fiber engine cover and a performance drain system that generates decibel of $ 625 AMG.

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Coupe Reviews and Prices

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Coupe Reviews and Prices

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLe Price

Driving steadily in demand for all crossovers, the base price of 2018 is slightly up, although Mercedes and its dealers are likely to start offering tempting discounts and incentives by 2018 GLE to clear inventory ahead of the new ’19 version. The base price estimate in this review includes a $ 995 destination cost from the manufacturer.
Consider GLE in the upper echelons of the premium midover crossover segment, along with European rivals and the Tesla Model X. They are clear price levels above entries like Acura MDX, Infiniti QX70, Lexus RX, Lincoln MKX.
GLE350 2018 starts at $ 53,195 with rear-drive and $ 55,695 with AWD 4Matic. The base price is $ 67,695 for the GLE500e plug-in hybrid.

The Mercedes-AMG GLE43 is priced at $ 68,754 and GLE43 Coupe from $ 71,495. The base price is $ 103,545 for AMG GLE63 wagon, $ 110,695 for AMG GLE63 S wagon, $ 112,885 for GLE 63 S Coupe.
(If you’re curious, ’17 GLE400 starts at $ 66,575 and the most recent GLE300d diesel is available for $ 54,325; 4Matic standard on both.)

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