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2019 BMW 1 Series Hatchback Reviews

The small BMW hatchback goes back to America

We did not get a chance to enjoy the second generation Series 1 in the United States, but with the introduction of the third gene model, BMW has decided that we deserve it again. So far, very little is known about the new Series 1, but one big factor can be somewhat detrimental to its success: it shifts from RWD architecture to FWD architecture.

This is a sure step to scramble some feathers in the Bimmer community. The switch was made possible by the UKL platform which debuted in Mini Cooper 2014 and now underlies the new 1 Series Sedan, 2 Series Active Tourer, and X1. Beyond this, the new 1 Series will release its simple exterior design with a more aggressive look with a slightly longer wheelbase than the previous model. Rumors also have BMW dropping a three-door model, so it only hatches five doors to fight models like Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus, among others.

More importantly, however, is the fact that the UKL platform will translate more space inside for rear seat passengers and cargo. Compared to the Mini Cooper, the new 1 Series will be a little longer and even say back to the US. And, to add more fuel to the fire, BMW 1M can come back with as much as 360 horsepower on a tap – enough to put the Focus RS and Golf R in their place. But, before we go too far into all that, let’s walk down memory lane before diving into the hints offered by the first spy gunfire.

2019 BMW 1 Series Hatchback Reviews

2019 BMW 1 Series Hatchback Reviews

2019 BMW 1 Series Exterior

Before we dive too far into this prototype display, I would like to point out that this thing swings a relatively high rise height, fleshy brakes, and a large double exhaust cart. This all refers to this higher pruning model, most likely M140i. Thus, it may hide some aggressive cues under camo that include rounded and defined spherical air intakes and larger air dams. And if you peak through the screen in the corner, you can actually see the curved fascial lip at the bottom, reinforcing my mind on a more aggressive nature. As is the case, we can not see anything about the lattice at this point, but it seems that the size will be a bit more. It will still have the appearance of a regular round and chrome trim but should grow at least five to 10 percent.

Moving on to the headlamps, this unit will be slightly slimmer than before and appears to have the top of the triangle. It looks like they have a single projection unit, but smaller units can be hidden under the camo covering the inner corners of the lens. It looks like the hood will still get the same line of body that runs from each of the A-pillars to the headlights, but the diameter found on the current model seems to have been flattened for the next generation. Moving to the side, brings us to a new world of change.

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2019 BMW 1 Series Hatchback Reviews

The most striking feature of this prototype, when viewed from the side, is this model is much longer than its predecessor.

The most striking feature of this prototype, when viewed from the side, is this model is much longer than its predecessor. First, his nose is clearly four to five inches longer while the rear overhang adds a few more inches to the overall length. It can also be justified by the additional space between the rear door and the hatch back, which is extended a few inches as well. As far as the roof goes, it’s not as bulging as before thanks to the extra length while the beltline itself really values ​​upwards slightly from front to back. The back door glass also takes on a new shape, now featuring sharper angles and less of a rounded look. With a rough new slope, a high seat belt, and the entire length of the next-gen 1 series, this can be a viewer, but what happens behind?

At the rear we find that the next gen series 1 will actually feature a much smaller rear light that looks more triangular and displays a module inside which is split in half – the top half will serve as a taillight while the lower half will handle brake disc and brake function. There might be some sort of lens overlay on the back of the back, but it does not seem like it is now. The rear tank now has a rather short glass while the bottom of the hold does not have a sharp curvature around the rear light area. Below, we can see some dual exhaust outlets, and if you look closely enough, you can see the valve inside the left outlet, leading to an active exhaust system that is controlled through various driving models.

2019 BMW 1 Series Hatchback Reviews

Finally, I want to show the front and rear fasci have some cut holes, which can point to the next gene series featuring advanced cameras and radar sensors. It can point to Series 1 which has some form of semi autonomous feature. For now, that’s just speculation, of course, but the hole will not exist for no reason, is it?

2019 BMW 1 Series Interior

Actually nobody knows what BMW will do for the next 1 Series interior, but we may have little clue to the newly released Serie 1 sedan for the Chinese market. This is based on the current gene model but updated to be viewed on its own. Thus, BMW could easily use this interior, or its derivatives, for the next Series 1 hatchback. Compared to the current 1st Series, the dash will be a little smoother with the redesigned trim, while the two instrument cluster reworker, will serve as a center in front of the driver. The steering wheel should shrink in size a little thanks to the smaller air bag units, while the thumbs up on the steering wheel should be refined.

In front of infotainment, the same displays found in most BMW models should hover over the central pile, but will get the latest software that includes 3D, rendering street level maps and interfaces like the phone for better usability. If this model actually comes with some semi autonomous function, there should be some sort of control for that system too, or a collection of instruments can take on a digital presence, not a standard analog readout. The seats in the base model should provide decent support, but the higher trim levels – ie the M140i and M1 – will receive more supportive seats up front to accommodate a vibrant driving style that no doubt is fitted with owning BMW with some form of M. , as a 2019 model, we still have more time to wait, so BMW can have a completely different plan as well.

2019 BMW 1 Series Hatchback Reviews

2019 BMW 1 Series Hatchback Reviews

2019 BMW 1 Series Powertrain

This is where things get interesting. With the Gen 1 series that use the BMW UKL platform, will undoubtedly be offered standard with front wheel drive. The entire range of three and four cylinder engines is on the table depending on the trim level with from anywhere 100 horsepower to 360 horsepower on the M1 or which we suspect is in this photo, an M140i. Thus, M-branded variants of the new generation can be offered with an all-wheel drive based on a hybrid system that puts an electric motor in the rear axle. The hybrid version of the plug-in is on the table like a possible all-electric model at some point on the road. The plug-in model is more likely to consider that BMW already has some plug-in models based on the UKL platform, but the all-electric model is definitely not out of the question.

The transmission option is still illuminated in the air, but a six-speed manual should be available. For those who prefer a more automated experience, a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with paddle shifter can also be on the table. The M-branded model as you see in the picture here will get an M-Sport suspension system that lowers the ride height by almost an inch, while an active exhaust system will keep things sounding comfortable during everyday or irritating journeys. when you decide to upset your neighbor on Monday morning when you leave for work. M-branded models will get beefier brakes and wheels larger than the base model.

2019 BMW 1 Series Price

Series 1 statistics currently reach about $ 36,000 in China at the current conversion rate. Here in the U.S., the $ 36,000 price point will be too high considering Series 2 starts at $ 33,150 and Series 3 starts at $ 33,450. Knowing BMW, however, this will not offer Series 1 too cheaply in the US, so it seems that the Series 1 will be priced fairly close to Series 2 (like Series 2 to Series 3). Thus, expect the price for Series 1 to start around $ 31,000 and rise to $ 43,000 for the topping model. Of course, still much earlier for this kind of talk, so we have to discuss the price again a little further down the road.

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